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Founded in 1997, PAPEX Inc. is the architect of the paper industry SaaS model, designing a centralized service where shared information between buyers and sellers facilitates timely, accurate and cost-effective transactions.
As of 2022, all of the PAPEX products that customers have grown to rely on and trust, continue to be available through Delgadinho Software Solutions (DSS). Our products are robust, dynamic and innovative solutions that support integral trading relationships between business units, corporate procurement groups, suppliers and warehouses while meeting and exceeding rigorous audit standards.
New name, same great products!

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DSS is uniquely positioned to resolve key operational and reconciliation challenges. Customers rely on our experience and in-depth knowledge of their processes to support them through transitions as business practices, staffing and trading partner relationships evolve.

Integrity. Trust. Service.

Our clients hold us to the highest standards for confidentiality and service excellence. DSS’s stringent commitment to data security and attentive service has rewarded us with unreserved trust and loyalty.

Productivity and efficiency

The unifying principle behind our product designs is the elimination of duplicate data handling between buyers and sellers. Shared information that is standardized and accessible by multiple parties reduces errors and improves reconciliation time.

Products & Services

psas logo
psas logo

PAPEX Shared Application Services (P-SAS) provides corporate procurement groups with a powerful tool to manage the newsprint purchases for one or many print facilities against multiple supplier contracts.

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pdes logo

A B2B service, the PAPEX Document Exchange Service
(P-DES) translates electronic documents to meet each receiver’s specifications and delivers them using a variety of communication protocols.

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MAX simplifies and automates centralized corporate management of capital purchases right down to pens and paperclips by supporting product catalogue management, quote transactions, purchase order and requisition management and billing and payment functions.

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xtrack logo

The XTrack inventory management system is a robust and intuitive application for managing roll-level paper inventory, paper performance, inventory cost and waste.

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